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Custom Windows: 5 Incredible New Age Window Designs

Posted by Brooke Tomasetti on Mar 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM


The New Age movement is characterized by function and modern simplicity that revolts against traditional Western culture. This movement is rooted in both spirituality and environmentalism. Plenty of New Age architecture incorporates sustainability into the building design. Rooftop gardens, greenery spilling out from simple balconies, alternative building materials, and large windows help bring the outside in while being friendly to the planet. 

Here are five amazing new age window designs on some of the most innovative buildings by renowned architects across the globe. Get ready to be inspired. 

custom window design

#1 Maison à Bordeaux | Bordeaux, France

custom windows, custom window design

Images from oma.eu

custom windows, custom window design

Maison à Bordeaux is an incredibly unique three-level home overlooking Bordeaux, France. Giant window panes on the first floor show off the view from the house's perch on top of a hill.

Its contemporary, top heavy design creates an open living space. The ground floor features floor-to-ceiling windows, and is half inside and half outside. 

Round porthole style windows on the top floor let light into the bedrooms. A large circular window can be adjusted depending on what the owner wants to look at outside. 




#2 Villa Hendrikx by 70F Architecture |The Netherlands

custom windows, custom window design

Image from archdaily.com

Just look at those fabulous windows! It doesn't hurt that each room looks out onto the central courtyard with a pretty natural swimming pool. Created in 2009, the modern, two-story family home forms an integrated living space where each room is connected. The large window panes tie the building together.


#3 Canaletto by UNStudio | London

custom windows, custom window design

Image from canalettolondon.com

Canaletto is a 31-story residential tower designed by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel of UNStudio. The luxury apartment building overlooks the water along with stunning views of the creative neighborhood it lives in. A sky terrace on the top floor, plentiful balconies, and room for trees and plants incorporates the outdoors. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the breathtaking three-bedroom apartments on the upper floors. You may not have a similar sky view, but floor-to-ceiling windows can show off your garden, the outdoor landscape, and views of the ocean or lake.

Check out a couple of the computer generated images of the building below:

custom windows, custom window design

custom windows, custom window design



#4 House GM1 by GM Arquitectos |Girardot, Colombia

custom windows, custom window design

custom windows, custom window design

Images from homedsgn.com

House GM1 in Colombia is another masterpiece. The tropical surroundings are accentuated by the pool. The first floor is completely open to the pool deck for easy access to swimming and relaxing. Large picture windows cover the second story and add to the open feeling of the luxury family home. 


#5 House Lam by Nico van der Meulen Architects | Johannesburg, South Africa

custom windows, custom window design

custom windows, custom window designImages from nicovdmeulen.com

The last home topping off our list is another architectural wonder that makes incredible use of custom window design. Not surprising, seeing as the stone, steel, and glass house overlooks the beautiful Johannesburg skyline.

The pool deck and wraparound balconies encourage outdoor living, and windows of all sizes create views from every angle. 



Love it or hate it, New Age design is putting a fresh spin on custom windows and architecture. And from these five gorgeous spaces, it's clear how windows can brighten and open up a house.

If your windows feel tired after looking at these stunning displays of architectural mastery, reach out to us! We'd be happy to help you transform your home.


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