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10 Most Expensive Rhode Island Homes

Posted by Brooke Tomasetti on Jan 25, 2016 3:38:27 PM

If you have ever visited or lived in Rhode Island, one thing that likely comes to mind when you think of the Ocean State is strolling along the Cliff Walk and admiring the manicured lawns and impressive size of the Newport Mansions. We are all fascinated by the most expensive, massive, and sometimes outrageous million dollar homes.

Are all of the most expensive Rhode Island homes overlooking the ocean? Are any of them in your neighborhood? Does the residence of a certain blonde pop singer make the list of Rhode Island's priciest houses? Let's find out!

most expensive rhode island homes

1. Grey Ledge | 1185 North Main Road, Jamestown, RI

Home Price: $9.85 million 

most expensive rhode island homesmost expensive rhode island homes

 Images from luxuryportfolio.com

Let's kick off the list with the least expensive of the million dollar homes (that is definitely an oxymoron). It's difficult to think that this luxury cottage lives at the bottom of the 10 most expensive homes in Rhode Island list. This waterfront estate has the full package - beautiful views from every window, elevator, wine cellar, and chef's kitchen to name a few.

As of right now, this home is up for grabs if you have a spare million bucks or so!

most expensive rhode island homes

2. 21 Hammersmith Rd, Newport, RI

Home Price: $10.9 million 

million dollar homes, rhode island

Image from zillow.com

Number two is another gorgeous, oceanfront residence. This 7,440 square foot home features 9 bedrooms and 8 baths, and was designed by the famous American architectural firm McKim, Mead and White. For those who enjoy being outside (and who wouldn't with the ocean view!), there are walking trails along the property, endless gardens, and a tennis court. 

Take a look at the handsome wood paneled interior:

rhode island homes inside

Image from zillow.com

If you want to keep dreaming, here is the video walkthrough of this million dollar home:


3. 330 Poppasquash Rd., Bristol, RI

Home Price: $10.9 million 

most expensive rhode island homes

rhode island homes

Images from zillow.com

Technically a tie with our second house, 330 Poppasquash Road is no more or less spectacular, although it does have one more spare bedroom. The property contains all the basics: pool, fitness area, tennis court, wet bar, and terraces overlooking the 25 acres of seaside land. 


4. Clarmar Estate | 16 Yosemite Valley Rd., Westerly, RI

Home Price: $12.2 million 

most expensive rhode island homes

Images from zillow.com

16 Yosemite Valley Road is an elegant, colonial estate built in 1931 and situated on 4 acres in the charming town of Westerly. Its location makes it the perfect, private summer retreat close to shopping, dining, the Watch Hill Yacht Club, beaches, and a short ferry ride away from Block Island. The home is listed in the national registry of historic places.


5. Hopedene Summer Cottage | 43 Cliff Avenue, Newport, RI

Home Price: $16 million 

million dollar homes, rhode island

 Image from luxuryrealestate.com

A few years ago, the Hopedene Summer Cottage was sold by Gustave White Sotheby's International Realty for $16 million. When you take into account that the estate is located along the Newport Cliff Walk, this number becomes a bit less preposterous. The Georgian style house was built in 1899-1902 and given a refresh in 2012.

One major feature is the FAA-approved heliport. The home also has its own ocean-front spa, pool, tennis court, and guest house. 


6. Swift Residence | Watch Hill, RI

Home Price: $17 million 

taylor swift house in ri

 Image from trending.report

I'm sure you guessed this one, but here it is: Taylor Swift's home in Little Rhody comes in four places behind our most expensive home in the state! The home apparently sits at the highest point of Watch Hill. It has 7 bedrooms and 9 baths, making it the perfect East Coast getaway for T Swift and her star-studded friends. 


7. The Timbers | 19-23 Ocean View Highway, Westerly, RI

Home Price: $17.5 million 

most expensive rhode island homes

 Image from priceypads.com

The Timbers property is also in Watch Hill and is within walking distance of the Village of Watch Hill. It has a charming, historic feel. The architect who designed the home was John Russell Pope, who is well-known for designing the National Gallery of Art and the Jefferson Memorial.

A few other highlights:

  • 12 fireplaces
  • 9 acres of manicured gardens
  • apple orchard
  • in-ground pool
  • bell tower


8. Seafair | 254 Ocean Ave., Newport, RI

Home Price: $19 million 

rhode island homes

most expensive rhode island homes

 Images from zillow.com

A gorgeous seaside mansion built for summer entertaining, Seafair sits on a classic rocky coastline and boasts ocean views from every room. No need to worry about parking here - there are 20 parking spaces on the property. Aside from the 4 stories and 22 rooms, the residence includes other standouts like marble floors, wet bar, ocean-facing pool, and its own private beach for watersports and relaxing.


9. 237 Ruggles Ave., Newport, RI

Home Price: $21 million 

most expensive rhode island homes

most expensive rhode island homes

Images from zillow.com

Yet another Cliff Walk house makes the list. 237 Ruggles Ave. has not one, but three, golf greens. The home also has its own greenhouse, tiled swimming pool, and a short walk to the water. An elevator can take you from the basement to the third floor. The last price the house sold for was $15 million


10. Seaward Estate | 399 Ocean Ave., Newport, RI

Home Price: $45 million 

Seaward million dollar homes, rhode island homes

 Image from priceypads.com

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for... The most expensive, 7,698 square foot million dollar home in Rhode Island is the Seaward Estate located in Newport. This residence is officially the priciest home ever listed in Rhode Island, according to the State-wide Multiple Listing Service. 

399 Ocean Avenue once belonged to Tennis Hall of Fame founders and local socialites James and Candace Van Alen. This modern mansion was built in 2009 after the original Avalon Estate on the property barely survived a fire in 1976.

most expensive rhode island homes

million dollar homes with million dollar view


 45.75 acres with stunning sea views | Image from priceypads.com

Naturally, this Rhode Island home has more than a few highlights other than the view. This includes: a fireplace stretching two stories tall, a private boat mooring, 24-foot ceilings, and a three bedroom guest cottage that is larger than the average family-sized home at 3,576 square feet. A truly surreal waterfront home - although I wouldn't want to be the one paying the $140,378 in land taxes every year. 

Hopefully this list of the priciest homes in Rhode Island inspired you to beautify your own New England home as opposed to making you insanely jealous of Taylor Swift. If the latter is true and you don't have a spare 10 million dollars in your pocket, click here for an inspiration boost with our list of the top 10 interior design blogs to follow. 

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